Monday, January 25

It was our Last Night

We promised we will be together for always, but I never expected that there could be our last night when we will talk to each other for the last time Happily. Why it all happened, everything was good all these years between us, a little fight always occurs in a relationship but after so long if that person goes far away from you, how it felts? Only that person knows who suffers. It breaks you Mentally, Emotionally, you will start feel like that there is nothing for you left in the world now. Every single second you will thing why all this happened to you only, what you did wrong that it all happened so sudden. You Never thought getting separate but you cannot stop what is written in your destiny.
Number of thoughts occurs in your mind every time, but might be what you thought that everything all these years was good was just your own imagination not your partner’s imagination, might she was having some different thought, some different feeling which you might don’t have understood. She might be happy with you because she wants you to be happy all the time, but you never realized what she used to feel sometimes.
It’s not as easy, how we think when we are in any relationship. When two people are together more challenges, more responsibility comes on your way, It’s not the same as two people promised each other before coming into the relationship. Remember those promised that you made to your partner just because you imagined lot of things for them. But reality is always being harsh.
After all these years many things Happened but it ended after 9 years. It was my last day with her on 6th November,2019. Why it happened, I promised her everything will be good, this time is not good have patience everything will be good. But the truth is how much you try it will happen.
Why I didn’t talk to her nicely on that night, I was angry just because she was drunk and was unable to talk to me and I got angry on her but I didn’t shout on her, never in my life I shouted on her, I was just angry. Did I made a huge mistake that night, I think I made it now she is not with me and now I’m broken all broken.
Why it happened and How it happened??………

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