Monday, January 25

When She Calls

Phone calls are a past time – a hallmark of an older era where communication was not so hidden. This was a time when there were no rules of who initiated the first contact and no decoding of messages and other mind games. This was a simple time of straightforward action and blunt declarations – and she is no different. 
Phone calls are a past time but not for her. She has a persistent almost stubborn quality to her in her refusal to give in the status quo. She won’t accept the norms. She won’t accept the cowardice method of hiding behind texts. She only accepts the openness of what can be heard by the ears and seen in person.
But sometimes external factors prohibit her preferences. Sometimes, she too must use the abhorred messages like everyone else but at any instance of a lengthy conversation, she falls back to her stubborn and hardline way.
She will call and when she does, there is a lengthy conversation that awaits. When she calls, there is anticipation and buildup of narratives that must be told even the ones already shared in messages. When she calls, there are endless exchanges of words and interjections. Stories are not told in a linear pattern. Stories are temporarily halted and lengthened with secondary anecdotes until she finds herself back to her original point. And she always does, she always finds her way back and comes full circle to a thematic conclusion. When she calls, there are always themes to be shared even when she doesn’t know it. Her words are coloured with lessons and unintended advice. She’s just that type of person who knows exactly what to say and when with such impeccable accuracy you wonder if she knows the answers to all of life’s uncertainties. And she must because when she calls, her voice alone silences doubt and provides comfort and conviction when you need it the most.

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