Monday, January 25

Why This Night Is So Long?

Why sometimes it happens you want to share your feelings to someone but can’t share, just because you have a fear that you will lose them. The most beautiful feeling is when someone always makes you happy with their tiny little shits and you just smile while seeing those and continuously smile because you have no words to say, that how beautiful it feels.

Why it happens that the most wonderful thoughts and feelings comes in night when the night is silent and no sound is there by around you, just your thoughts.

Are those thoughts being the purest one’s directly comes from your heart, is it?

I want to talk to her and we usually talk but today, why I felt like that this Night is so long, can’t I just talk to her again and again just to see her smile and those little shitty things which always makes me smile.

I don’t know what happened to me, she just came from nowhere and after so long she is the reason of smile on my face, She is innocent, she don’t know anything what I feel, might be she knows it but I can’t express it in words.

I have a fear that I’ll loose her, I’ll just go with time and will wait, but I want to talk to her without any logic just like that, no important talks.

It always makes me happy when she smiles and that smile makes her face glow like sun dawning in the evening and shines like now I just want to get calm in the arms of Moon light.

Why this Night Is So Long????? I just want to talk you just like that………..

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